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Not to be attempted if you have less than 2GB ram or your pc WILL crash. It's hard to run on the minimum requirements but it is possible.

Carring on from yesterdays tutorial with panelling. 

In the panel you intend to use for you building or 3D object use the tool shown in the red square. Options will appear though I hid mine for now to show you what the 3D plane looks like. When you select the tool click and drag to the borders of your panel.

Untitled-1 by DraconianRain

Now the properties panel will open for what you wish to put in this area. This can range from guns to motor bikes to housing and city scapes. The best part however is that you can build your OWN 3D objects to place in here. I'm going to show you how to arrange in perspective, change to line art only or line art and toning. Before I go on this is for any trolls:

I am not endorsing cutting corners or showing how to be lazy. Manga studio allows you to be a one artist team. This is good for those who can not afford to hire a landscape artist or another artist to do BG's and buildings. I am not promoting being lazy or to help artists work backwards. This is just another inventive and creative way to get work done. Next tutorial I will cover perspective rulers to show how to draw buildings and rooms as best I can.

In the image below where I marked with a little red square. This is the import folder that should take you to the sample 3D models. You can place your own 3D models in here though I think they have to be obj. files or lwo. files (Object files and Light Wave Object files). Or you can place models you purchase to use in your manga studio. Click and explore. I want a building. 1) Because I can't draw what I need yet though I am getting closer with practise and 2) I am not ready for perspective just yet 3) I can't pay an artist to do it and I doubt any one would like to work for free ;)

Untitled-2 by DraconianRain

You can click and preview the objects before you choose. I chose a residential block. As shown below. The first box I marked is one of two ways you can move your object. You can move, scale and change perspective by using the xyz axis like in other 3D programs. The colours correspond in square 2. If you move them around they both update each other. Eg If you move the red ring then the red Y Axis in the properties tab will update the degrees and angel which you could further adjust numerically if you choose. The grey ring in square 2 is how you scale. The arrows move in two directions. The Up arrow, up and down, the blue into the distances and up close and the green left to right.

Untitled-1 by DraconianRain

It takes some getting use to but arrange your view. Then when you are ready to set to a screentone click the rendering button at the top of the properties window.

This should appear-
Untitled-3 by DraconianRain

You can add more greys for depth and detail but I like to work with the minimum and add natural textures myself later. Red square 1 is the shading. If you untick you get soft shading, and if you click inbetween the colours then the next grade of grey appears which you can slid up and down. Be aware that the more tones you add the slower it will process. If manga studio freezes wait. You may have to wait over an hour if you don't have the minimum ram and processor speed. But wait and then save immediately. The second red square as marked above is the tone settings. My image is huge so I am going to change my lines to 30. Leave the angle as is. Select tone. Only select raster if you want a coloured inking like it already has. Preview for a preview and ok when you're happy.

It will create it's own folder consisting of the grey colouring render, screentones and line art which will be labeled as outline. This is how you can get your own buildings drawn and toned for you without really doing it but setting it up can be a hassle and hard. In the end though it is better to try to draw it yourself and gain your own style of buildings to match your characters but again as I per mentioned, not all of us have a team to work with. This is a popular method with webcomic artists working solo and for no profit. To my knowledge there is a lot of school content for anyone wanting to do shojo school romances etc.

Below in the red square I have opened my 3D folders.
Untitled-4 by DraconianRain
As you can see there is the layers I said. Now if you decide those tones are too big or too small double click the tone layers one at a time. The properties tab will update with a tone tab, there you can manually change without hitting undo and re-rendering.

To prevent lag I like to merge my folder into one layer when I am 100% satisfied and certain I am not going to want to change it. You just right click the main folder and select merge.

Untitled-5 by DraconianRain

On that note, if you find you need to merge specific layers all you have to do is hold down ctrl and left click. Below image shows this effect and then right click and you will now see merge layers is enabled. With the exception of line art I don't recommend merging just to clean up. If you want it to be neater then I suggest keeping well organised layers inside folders. And beleive me, the better you get at using this program the more folders you will need.

Untitled-6 by DraconianRain

This is all that is necessary to using the 3D objects. They have 3D mannequins for learners needing a proportion guide with different body types. You will probably have to move your 3D layer down and your line art on top. 3D seems to go straight to the top by default.

One more reminder, I am not promoting lazyness for any one that may take offence to this tutorial. This is simply a feature I was asked to explain and talk about. There are many other features to explore but it is simply a matter of click it and find out what happens ;D

Hope this has helped somewhat. Any questions, feel free to ask.
Help with using the 3D models and how to render them as line art and screentoned
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D-Yoel Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
can i put two 3d models in the same layer?
DraconianRain Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There are two ways. One is that when you are satisfied is to rasterize the folders of the models when you are 100% satisfied with their placement and then merge those two rasterized layers together to have it all on the one place. This makes it easier on you CPU and memory. The other is to load multiple objects. Where you load the first model, while that window is open, click the folder icon again to load in more. You can load in I think as many as you need. I've never needed more than one at once so I am not positive on the limit of models per layer but I do know you can add multiple models just open the folder and search for it while it's open and you will still be able to move them around individually. But it may put a strain on your CPU and it may take an even longer time to render and even freeze up but just wait and let it do what it has to do and it should be fine. But the more models on one layer the more there is to process and it may crash MSEX4 if you don't have enough power to do so, so make sure you save before you try using multiple models on layers.

Hope that helps.
Jennycah Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
seriously looking this over will use this too, you are a program guru you should be paid for this<3<3
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL it would be nice to be paid but you reach more poeple being free ^w^ as long as it's helpful even with all my spelling mistakes XD
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