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It's never worked in the past for me but it's been just over a year since the storm, my house and things getting damaged and I am still working from a laptop. It makes animating hard. I need a new desktop PC and if I want to make more serious animations I have one more thing to buy.

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leduc-gallery Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Student Digital Artist
A lot of the times, issues interfere with life, but don't worry. You'll get back on your feet. I'm also talking to someone on the Affinity forums, and he's been in the graphic design business. He said that comics came back in the market several years ago and that 2D animation never really left. They are just hard to find. I wonder if it would help inspire you to work again if what you love returns.

I'm really happy to hear that. I'm glad that there are still people who appreciate the classics. (I will open that page in another tab this time so I don't lose my message again. Haha) This probably contradicts a little to this topic since we're talking about classics, but you mentioned Scooby-Doo. I highly recommend watching the series Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated. I own both seasons, and I think they stay true to the original series. There is one overall story, and the way everything comes together in the end is very neat. I am also obsessed with that bird villain, Professor Pericles. I am always quoting him. The voices of Luis Black and Udo Kier play as the two villains.

I don't doubt the friend who posted it. He is quite an anime fan. And yes, a lot of it does seem very sensual. That's just wrong. But speaking of what's good, have you ever watched the 80s Astro Boy? I own that too and I love it.

Well yeah that doesn't make much sense.

Then I misunderstood Patreon. I thought it was a site in which they sponsor artists. I might consider something like Blurb or Lulu instead. They can publish and sell custom made books.

That's cool. I just did what you said, and I was shown the 25th Anniversary of TVPaint (Journey Through Creativity). I do love that animation style.

Oh great, more software issues. Aren't those just mean? If I knew TVPaint, I would try to help.

That is absolutely horrible. I'm not the type of person who sues, but I'm sure you can press charges to something like that. Having to take out 15 of your teeth sounds like absolute baloney. And then in the end, you said he treated you like a slut, and the other doctor was apologetic. There is something very wrong with that picture. If the medical field is in anyway abusing or harassing a patient, you can certainly fight it and get your money back. I would at least talk to a lawyer about it since it's been years now, but don't let something like that rest. I'm so sorry about that.

Obligation is tough, but the best way to interest fans is to have the right juices flowing in the brain.
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a neat way to look at it. I used to be easily inspired as a kid. Never had a problem being motivated. It wasn't until I grew up and became self conscious that motivation and inspiration became an issue. Among other things.

Hanna Barbera did the Flinstones, Jetsons and I think first they did Scooby Doo then I think Scooby was bought by another studio, not sure. I loved all three of those. I watched it every morning. Hanna Barbera did a lot of cartoons I loved. Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw MacGraw, Yogi Bear, Top Cat. Ah memories. Heh I just named all my favourite shows. Here's a better list. Their shows have been airing for decades. Been around since my mum was a girl:…

I can't blame you. Not much of it is any good these days. As for newer anime I quite like Tokyo Ghoul so far but not sure how much longer I'll like it. I still say a lot of the older stuff was better but these days it seems to be very fan service or more porn like. Or maybe that's just what people are more interested in sharing. I don't even know any more. I like Miyazaki. That's a big deal if that post is true because he officially retired.

Oh too what I mean was like films so independent they didn't have voice actors, just music and sound or no sound what so ever. Voice actors cost more than an animator. I still think that's quite unfair.

Good luck with Patreon. It doesn't work for me but nothing does honestly. I can't generate commissions so I don't know why I bothered with Patreon. But it works for everyone I know. That's another reason why I quit commissions. To depressing.

Yeah I think I know what you are talking about. A lot of toons like that are on Vimeo by independant European artists. If you know what to look up you can find it. I go there a lot and just search "made with TVPaint" and find a lot of classic style animation or classic story telling. I have a pretty broad taste in style. It's nice to find these kinds of things.

Yes exactly. TVPaint does but it's limited to my knowledge but that would suit me fine. I just can't let go of Raster. It's my digital graphite pencil There's so much I hate about using Vector to animate with. The main thing being the lag it creates within software. Right now I am getting more and more frustrated with the dropped frame rates. It's just awful.

Oh I put things off because I doubt myself. I still do from time to time but I learned the hard way to just dive in head first and worry later. Well long story short (trust me it's the short version), I went in to get one tooth hole fixed and was told I needed 15 extracted. Just over $8000 of work. I had internal rotting. Then my jaw got infected because I took so long to get it done. My wisdom tooth shattered two teeth next to it and my other was trying to do the same. My face was puffy and besides having zero appetite anytime I tried other than pain of chewing, everything made me sick. I complained to my Doc. I feel sick everyday. He treated my like a hypochondriac woman. Got my teeth out and fixed, that day it was out I was already feeling about 80% better and eating without sickness. The healing though painful, I was eating pretty much 3 meals a day instead of one or none. My dentist was worried about how much worse the infection was getting. They were worried the next phase was effecting my kidneys. That was in 2010. But it followed up with another infection about 3 years later. Very scary moment in my life. What I thought was simple, wasn't. The cause was from a time in my life living with family that starved me. Living life similar to an anorexic. Left without money or food and under a lot of conrtol. I left for home. 2yrs later my dental was way worse. Honestly my Doc treated me like a slut. The only test he did on me was a pregnancy test. Told me it was mental. After I went to another doc and he heard how bad and I had pretty much stopped going to the doc's he actually apologised to me. But I am still very angry. But the experience has left me hesitant to ever see a doctor again. I'd rather die suddenly than be treated like a liar.

Yeah that only makes me feel guilty for not finishing. I feel like I am in debt to my fans. I will get there eventually. And the one I sold I pulled down years ago. It was a poem and illustrations plus comic. I still plan to redo it one day.
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Student Digital Artist
That sounds cool how you were inspired by the early Disney productions. I had a dream of many creations of my own as a kid that I still hold on to, but as I grow older and time progresses, it gets hard trying to stay true to all of my original ideas. I really wanted to show my ideas right away, but perhaps time progression was meant to be, because now all of those ideas will be such a change in the world to the modern style.

Yeah, adult humor does get carried away. Though, I never even heard of Hanna Barbara.

Well I don't know if it will be 2D, but I read a Facebook post that Miyazaki will be making another film. I admit, I'm not too big on anime (maybe I haven't found the right one), but I do really like some of his films and Tezuka's Astro Boy. So I'm interested to see what he comes out with.

I noticed you mentioned Indie films quite a few times. I think I know what you mean by the silent Indie films. I saw some shorts like Control Bear, Poulette's Chair, and a few others. I thought they seemed charming, and I feel I can appreciate something uplifting and emotional like those. I do really like just the innocence to life. That's sad that 2D is ending, but I actually bookmarked a website you linked me to from an earlier post. Patreon looks like a website for creative people to make money. I decided I'll check it out.

I don't know if I sound feminine or just more appreciative, but I really like an old cartoon short made by Novel Toons called The Enchanted Square. I watched it on YouTube, and I just like the morals that were taught at the time teaching blind people how to get through in life.

Back when I was looking for software, I watched the video introduction to TV Paint, so I know what you mean. It certainly is packed with drawing tools. Well that's a bummer. You're on a pencil case for a pencil case. (I wasn't sure at the time if TVPaint did vector.) One of these days, I need to make a video introduction to Deisgner that covers all the essentials.

We all put things off though. It could've been a result of pushing yourself too hard, especially if you were sick. Is it okay if I ask what you were sick with and why you say you were nobody? (If you don't feel comfortable answering, it's okay. I'm just getting a little concerned. Not trying to get nosy.) Anyway, the way I look at any pain is that the person is in a spiritual box. If the person ran free, then he or she wouldn't get to accomplish what is on the road at a later time. I struggle with time so much, and any time I go through an episode, I do dwell, but then I remember that it's for a purpose. That box will open when the time is right.

That is really good that you feel that way, but don't let the past stand in the way. You said that people loved your comic. So think about people to target. If it makes you feel better, I put things off a lot, and I hate myself for that, but it doesn't mean your work will never get done. I am in the exact same boat. When those kids show a liking to my art, it motivates me to work. So find your target.

Yeah the simple stuff is certainly the good stuff. Hey what is your comic?
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD Yeah, indie animators will keep it alive! I don't want to class my style because I'll fall into a style trap.

I loved the lion king! I bought several tutorials from Aaron Blaise and I've seen a few lion king examples thrown in there. That move, the TV Series the little mermaid and TV Series Aladin made me want to become an animator. I used to copy Disney's style as a kid thinking it'd get me a job with them lol but that dream died a long time ago. Now I'm more interested in my own stories and creations.

I agree to an extend about adult humor. I think in some ways they are trying to follow traditions in that respect. You look back at Hanna Barbera cartoons. All of it had adult humor, one of the first to do so and everyone else has tried to but it's been a swing and miss since.

I don't think it's a matter of forced too. I know from experience that people are under the illusion that 3D is "easier" and "quicker" to create. But I think I'm just nitpicking when I complain about 2D looking 3D. I get a little disheartened. I miss studios that inspire me to make great 2D animation. A lot of japanese 2D today is CACANi and 3D with After Effects. I did recently read more studios are using TVPaint and Toon Boom Harmony which has me pretty hopeful.

I've heard of that movie but haven't bothered to check it out. I've become enamoured with speed animations and japanese indie animations and french indie animations. I don't understand a word but if I'm lucky there's a translation in the description of what's going on. I also adore the wordless animations. I like that 2D is being taught in other countries. Australia in 2012 officially stopped teaching 2D animation in recognised schools and Universities. The only 2D animation courses I found were online, overseas and no online study which eventually lead me to Aaron Blaise and learning to look up application based tutorials since the fundamentals are all the same, just the app changes.

Thanks, I'm sure it will. For now I'm going to rent After Effects when I need it and save up for TVPaint. The other reason I want it is for it's unique ways of storyboarding. The way you can use audio. It's so old school it's comfortable. I'll get there eventually. I currently feel like I have a pencil case with everything but pencils. That's the easiest way to describe it. I'm missing a basic tool with basic features. I'm just very sick of using 4 programs to do one job when I know TVPaint can do almost all of it, with the exception of certain vector related stuff.

I'm really glad to hear that! It's really good to know. And no but there was a point in my life where I was extremely sick, I looked back and realised I procrastinated. So I worked extremely hard while sick and published an indie comic. It was weird, and oddly, people loved it. But it also flopped because I was a nobody lol. But I was and still am proud of myself for finishing it. I just don't ever want that to happen again. Too look back and not have anything to show for it.

I don't think it's a phase. I think I'm at a crossroads with my work and a very large change is about to happen and it's making me nervous. Once in a few years it happens. The hard part is reaching it. It's hard to describe. It's like you can feel it but can't put words to it. I'm climbing such a large mountain with the goals I have in mind that I worry sometimes that my learning and studying is sometimes awe struck procrastinating. Which I have done to often on the past lol.

Awwwww that sounds fun! I miss stuff like that. That's another gripe I have with todays cartoons. Taking the simplicity out of it and forgetting the fun.
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Student Digital Artist
That's too bad. Well I guess that's where we come in for animation. I personally want to start a new generation of the western style. Compared to other regions, we've got absolute rubbish. Haha.

I'm not too big on Disney, but I love the older films. And I agree that movies shouldn't just involve around special effects and other elements that really don't flow with a good story. Even with some cartoons, people may say that they are not meant to be worked on so hard, but then a masterpiece like The Lion King was aimed for kids yet could be appreciated by adults (not because of the typical adult humor) because of the emotion, symbolic elements, the story, and just everything. I still think it's the best animated movie. So whether a movie is in 2D, toy animation, paper and pencil, CGI, or whatever, it's all about everything that flows. And I think a lot of animated movies carry adult humor just because producers really don't know how else to target adults as well.

I'm not sure. I guess in many ways, people feel forced. If there is a new computer out, everyone needs to get it, because it would be the modern thing. I guess with the 3D animes you've mentioned, maybe the creators secretly want to go back to 2D, but they know they have to compete with the modern world. Just as Alvin and the Chipmunks went back to the original character designs, but yet, they are still CGI. I do think a lot of it is the fear of losing the audience and profit like you said, when really the way of going back is what matters. Not just the style.

I know it. That newer movie, The Secret Life of Pets, is apparently a ripoff of Toy Story, and the title is based off of The Secret Life of Bees. Not too stylish, but I admit, I haven't actually watched the movie. I just watched a review on it.

Well I hope it works out for you. I can tell you from experience that you already know, it is not good to always be looking for the right program. I'm so glad I finally found one for me.

That is very sweet of you. Thank you. And yes, I really love it. It's the happiest I've been in a long time. You regret a lot? Are you sure it's not just a phase? Because I went through a long time struggling and I didn't think anything would change, but then this volunteer work was a huge surprise to me. From our conversations, I can tell you really care, and that kindness will get you places. Time is really everything. We just have to trust it.

Aw thank you. She is the babysitter of a story, Angie and the Knuckleheads. She takes the kids on a road trip , but then she becomes lost, a lion escapes from the circus, there's an evil ringleader, and a bunch of havoc goes on.
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Actually you'd be surprised by how much anime is going 3D and you can only just tell it's 3D. Fortunately, they cut a deal with Toon Boom but less and less is hand drawn these days. So much is morphing. That's more what I mean. I forget to specify frame by frame. So much of 2D animation is bones, tweens and morphing these days for time saving. Not that it's bad, I'm just old school and prefer that old, frame by frame type of thing. I like the style more and feel it's more expressive.

I think producers fear a lack of monetary gain. Too many go over board on the graphics, blow the budget and the overall quality drops. It reminds me of a particular game  I was looking forward too. Despite it's growing popularity they pulled the plug because it wasn't making huge money fast enough. Buttered us all up with hope for year then ripped it away T^T Same thing happens with hand drawn animation to often (I practically stalk a wide range of projects). I get disappointed when to much goes into special effects and not enough on story or too much focus on money and nothing gets made and the creators forget about creating and focus to much on gain. A part of me wishes disney would go back to 2D but they officially abandoned it a few years ago.

I genuinely believe that with Patreon, Kickstarter and GoFundme 2D has a solid chance to make a huge comeback but it appears to be slowly loosing to 3D. What I don't understand is how many 3D anime's are trying hard to look 2D... Why not just do the 2D? It takes the same amount of time, often longer because of rendering.

Ah yeah same. I'm disappointed with that too. The same shiny sparkly effects in all categories, generic, or less than generic characters and no plot. I like explosiony types of movies but not when it's got zero story to it. I mean yeah it looks amazing but the story and character development is just as important. I think that's why I get overly obssessed with a good story these days. It's like "Ah mental nourishment!" type of moment.

Oh nice, I'll give it ago. Just need more time XD Lately I'm busy on and off. It's getting close to summer here and things usually get very busy for me. I'm hoping to try it out very soon because those trailers I watched have me really interested in their tools.

Yeah me too! Also thanks! I hope I can do more useful things this time. Also awwww! I bet you are! I would have loved something like that as a kid. Artists were like some kind of rare creature. They only existed in the big city, not the semi-rural town I grew up in. I'm glad to hear you're enjoy it. You've got to love what you do. I think it's one of the most important things in life to make it fulfilling. I don't want to being dying one day, look back and regret everything.

I had this open while I was typing! She's quite cute! It's a nice example work for that program. I like the smooth look of the colouring and lineart.
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank you, and again, I hope the best.

Oh I wouldn't say 2D animation is fading. Sure, CGI is trending in the movies in several regions, but Anime is still 2D. But anyway, if it's what you want to do, then go for it. As ironic as it may sound, I'm not sure that the things that trend are always the things that people are mostly into. I for one, am not into too much modernism. I prefer old movies, and old animation. In fact, I too want to bring it back. I think producers fear in going retro because of how progress goes, but truthfully, ever since CGI came into action, I noticed a lack of style. Things have gotten sillier, the soundtracks are all the same, there is not too much originality, and all trailers (horror included) are all produced the same way. I think if they go back on certain extents but still stay true to the times, animation would be great. The mascot of my character, Malapax, I want him to say, "Art Appreciations. What does that term truly mean to you? If all forms of art are appreciated, then why are there never any new styles of animation?" The point that I'm trying to get across is, go for it. Anyone can start a new trend if it's done right.

Well it's important to use what you feel comfortable with. Perhaps Affinity Photo is more in your alley than Designer. I noticed that it too has those super smooth gradients that you like. And be sure to try out their Mesh Warp tool.

It's really nice how we're both helping each other out, and I'm glad you found motivation. We all go through tough times, but they won't last. When one door closes, a brand new one opens always. I am so much happier now that I am working with kids. Before I was pretty isolated, and nothing was ever going on. I really needed a change, and now I'm drawing more. I guess you can say I'm practically a celebrity to those kids.

This is a little something I made in Designer for one of my comics.…
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry again, this got crazy again. And it's always good to hear from you too ^^

Yeah it definitely is. I'd used it a couple of times.

Oh that all sounds awesome and you know I found the same issue. Currently I have the tools I love for painting after years but then I had to work on my skills some more and now I can't progress because I'm missing a few important tools. I very badly want TVPaint after all of these years. I want to do 2D animation even if it is becoming a dead art, at least I can do what I love. It's weird though, it's making a comeback since clipstudio added it.

Oh yeah I saw some of that. I also saw some of their recent releases for windows. I have to take a break from vector for a while. It broke me lol. I'm currently over frustrated with it. It's more of a style and skill thing now.

Thanks so much and yeah me too though I have found motivation through teaching. I use too many programs. If you ever need help with raster painting software, there's a high chance I know it well. The only softwares I'm not familiar with that do raster are the newest ProjectDogwaffle, current and PaintStorm. Everything else, freeware, english, japanese, german, I've pretty much used it all with the exception of new stuff.
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did! Thank you <3
longlovevegeta Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016
You're welcome hun! Hope you had an awesome day! :la:
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