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Might post a few things then extend my hiatus. Got a busy week ahead then coming back. Hopefully with tutorials.
I've left as mod or cofounder of about 3 groups. I can't handle it anymore. I'm also cleaning out what I'm subscribed too. My inbox is insane! There's been a crazy amount of stuff going on since October and I'm sick of it really but slowly things are working out and getting better. But I have a bunch of stuff I want done as well and hopefully, my laptop doesn't crap itself before I do them. I'll see you guys with some uploads eventually.


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chaos-flare Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Not a problem. We have other things to attend to as well.

Okay. I'm glad to hear it.

I tried watching the video at 0.25 playback speed, and it's still fast for me. Haha But I saw a little of what happened. At 2:15, I see that a layer mask was applied but then it goes away. I'm not understanding this technique honestly. Then again, bitmap masking does confuse me. I'm use to vector masking whereas it behaves as cropping.

It sure is. A comic I'm working on is starting to look like a comic, and it's making me happy. I'm just a bit out of practice.

I know, but we can't change that. I also dwell so much on all the crap that goes on. I hate modernism, and I want a world of innocence. Something I want to do in my work is to promote my ideal views to make a better world. In the comic I'm making, the character, Angie, is a very appreciative girl but lonely because of her solo thinking and understanding. Even though it will never actually be stated, there will be implications that solo thinking is the key to power. And since she is always so nice to everyone, everyone is nice to her.

The common person would agree to get with the times and sustain a modern world, but there is so much wrong with the modern world. Anything that is modern will flow in the media whether those things are good or bad. And everyone knows that things like sex sells, but what people don't get is that it also consumes. The adult humor has been stretching so much over the years along with implied racism. People debate over such silly issues meant to be innocent. And most importantly, people get hooked. People are so use to seeing sex and racial jokes, that most people are now desensitized by it. As sick and twisted as it may sound, I believe that either all or most of these people who wanted you to draw porn for them are desperate because it turned into a necessity for them. And it is all thanks to the damn media. The mind is a powerful thing, but it has horrible security. People always did lack control when it comes to their needful thing which triggers their downfall. Once someone gets attached, they can't get enough. They will even start talking nastier. That is why I encourage more programs to do away with the modern world.

I'm glad they changed their name back, but I see why they did it.
Nyan27 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
don't be sorry, i'm happy you like it ^.^
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome. Sorry I didn't leave a comment. Couldn't think of anything worthwhile to say.
Nyan27 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you <3 ^.^
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for the delay as well. It's been crazy, but things are settling down now ^^

Ah it's not worth it. Doesn't matter now. I'm very happy for a new fresh year ^w^ And hopefully I'll be able to make more timelapse videos.

Oh that all sounds awesome. And yeah it's a speed up timelapse. It was about 4 or 6 hours of work in a few minutes. Next time try using the new slow down playback speed feature on youtube. That helps a lot with these kinds of videos. He/she's work has inspired me for quite some time now. I do really like the idea of a masked folder. Sometimes I just hate clipping because I end up with so many layers after a while. I prefer not to label and use the layer thumbs to keep track of everything.

That's true. But it's also just a preference kind of thing a lot of a time.

^^ thanks

Oh cool. Good luck with everything! And I'm glad you could find the right stuff for you. It's a very relieving feeling when everything goes right and then everything else usually follows. I am loving affinity designers brushes being so close to photoshop. I currently can't rent it right now and I miss a certain brush but I've replicated it exactly in Affinity Designer.

Sorry for rambling below. It's a hot topic for me. I'm sick of art porn but I'm even more sick of tolerating an artists free rights to express themselves through imagery. I think art laws need severe updating.

That's right. The problem with the filter content is that a PC can't read an image and all monitoring is still human based. There are no ratings because of international laws conflicting with each other, but all countries need to follow a specific set of laws and art laws which are very difficult and conflicting and contradicting. It's complicated. I helped mod once. Never again.

Because after filtering and rating, if any at all, one country says it's ok and an artist lawyers up to share their "message" unrestricted while another says it's inappropriate and needs to be filtered and another says it's harmful because of their cultural beliefs. It's such a mess. There's just... so much more to it than filtering and hiding it from kids and ratings. But at the same time, to be fair if a parent is that worried, there are ways to disable internet access to a site like DA entirely until they feel comfortable with it. It's not enough to trust a site or kids. And honestly a lot of kids access DA with a birthday converter to view the mature art on purpose out of curiosity. So even if filters worked, kids will still get around it with a simple lie. And even if using ID verification was in place to verify ages, which has come and gone many times, it leads to a host of privacy and identity theft issues.

The bigger issue is laws on art because if it's in drawing form, it's frequently not considered to be porn, gore or offensive in most major countries and people just don't care. When I post to DA I follow DA rules plus AU laws and US laws while everyone else just doesn't care. A lot of branch off art sites have these intentions but if you look hard enough, unfortunately a lot of the time the money intake will always make them turn a blind eye to it all. DA is about the only place regularly deleting offensive materials as best they can but there's only so many people, so much time and so much that can be done when human error and interaction is involved with such an extreme upload rate. The thing is too, they need more staff but no one wants to work for free and no one wants to sub or allow ads which pays their cheque for better modding yet at the same time the sub isn't worth the price so it's a bitter circle.

Yeah I understand. I prefer sight based searching. That's one of those things I like with Toon Boom Harmony's layer search.

Yeah, that's what confused me when I first looked up Anime Studio. People were talking about it like it was a separate thing that was similar and I found out it was the original name and an older version and they didn't like the name change XD They're not rude so much, just they can be enthusiastically biased.
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Sorry about the delay.

Whenever you come around to it, it's fine. I'm sorry to hear that people are giving you a hard time about the holidays. What's up?

For version 1.6, there will be path continuation with the Pencil Tool, a lighter UI (there were sneak peeks on Twitter), and I think there was a third that I don't remember. As for later versions before 2 (paid version), these features will be released. I know it, the clipping is done so easily. And it's great, because those clips can have effects applied to them such a gaussian blur to give the object a shading effect. In that video you linked me to, I was watching everything very carefully because she was moving very fast. I see she locked the opacity. I've done that too, obviously my art wasn't as good.

Interesting to know. Some applications can't beat other features.

Nice. I'm happy for you.

I will have to check it out then. I am slowly getting backing into it. I think I just needed to reorganize a few things going on in my life, and I had to find the right software. I'm feeling pretty darn confident now.

The problem is a huge lack of protection. Anything that goes on the internet stays on the internet. I get that there millions of people who use it, so monitoring wouldn't be necessary. What needs to happen is to filter content with some smart device. There are ratings to movies. Why not have ratings to web content. They should be filtered based off of imagery, comments, and anything that might be worth detecting a non-family oriented element. When the internet first came out, everyone was so determined to keep their privacy. Now there are temptations to give it away, and that is dangerous. Kids can learn many disturbing things this way.

I guess it depends on the layer structure. As I already told you, I'm an organization freak. I like having some indicator to quickly find a layer among others.

Is that so? I didn't know they were Moho originally? And that doesn't sound too comforting that they're rude on the forums.
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's cool, everyone here keeps getting sick right before the holidays. I still have to send you those photo's but I keep getting pulled away. I'm hoping to do it today while my net is behaving. Also I'm prepping to leave DA for a while. Just want to avoid the holiday people that are unbelievably rude or selfish.

Yeah but I didn't I bought it from a supposed reseller. Doesn't matter, hated it. I did like illustrator's mesh that could colour and it looked all soft and smooth. That was cool. Oh really? What features are coming if you don't mind me asking? I'm glad I bought it. It's so much simpler. I'm so happy to be clipping easily! Clipping is just such a big deal to met, even in raster. I feel awkward and unable to create without it. Hard to explain but I use it an awful lot. Clipping and masking folders. I learned it from watching Webang111… If you watch or slow it down, she maskes her folders and then doesn't have to clip a thing. I think it's a brilliant idea because I also use a lot of linear dodge, screen and overlay layer blends in my art.

No but sort of. Flow is exactly that, it controls the flow of the paint. How much comes out by pressure. It can also make the brush look softer without blurring the edges to much. It can look faded. Currently I'm not a fan of it because like super old school PS the tips look like glaringly obvious circles. PS mastered flow and the tips taper off beautifully. CS6 and up are my favourite versions. But it doesn't matter. I will probably keep using only photoshop. Now that I'm finding AE features in Moho I can sub their smallest 1 app sub when I need it and that I can afford.

This year I've collected a whole bunch of tools and not my animation compositing is looking really nice, bright and colourful with interesting effects. I'm pretty happy with the way things are turning out now.

I thought I would too, but just drawing it out a lot of times helped me out a lot. I am thinking about redoing that study actually. I feel like I'm not quite as good as I could be any longer. Ah yeah I've been there. That's one of those things too where you need to go to youtube and search for "Artist reference" videos of people doing everyday poses that you can pause on. I'm glad more and more of those are coming out. I personally view the animators reference walk cycle. It has all 4 major views to reference to learn from. I still can't animate a walk cycle though XD.

I am not surprised that kids talk like that. I have family that let their kid swear and she was only 7. And when I was a kid, I knew many that always lied about their age to look at that sort of thing. I would love to blame DA but I once saw the stats for uploads per minute and it's in the thousands on some days and they are under staffed. Times that minute by 60 for an hour then times that by 24 and it's going all day everyday. A lot of the community mods get sick of it and leave. People are always going to break the rules and DA relies on us regulars to also report mislabelled or inappropriate uploads. But I get sick of that too.

Glad I could help ^^ I personally like it's simplicity. I gotta be honest though, it's the only program where thumbnails hasn't been important to me yet it's been essential in every other app.

Yeah they were Moho first, then Anime Studio then back to Moho. Smith and Micro changed it to anime studio as a marketing tactic. A lot of users were pissed off because they felt it defined the program to only do anime. After Clip Studio Paint demanded they update their contract and not rename their brand, Moho soon followed. According to the forum, one man created Moho originally. The Moho forum is generally helpful but they can be extremely biased and uppity. Just in case you consider going there out of curiosity. I'm not a forum poster. I really dislike them. I've had a long history with trolls and prefer to stay away. These days I only go to the DA forums to get work.
leduc-gallery Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I'm sorry for the delay. It's getting busy with the holidays, and I'm getting over a cold.

I would think that as long you buy the product from the manufacture, it should be legit. But whatever. I can't wait until Designer 1.6 comes out, which is a free update. I'm really looking forward to the features they're adding.

I think I know what you mean. Are you talking about the fade; brush intensity?

Oh it really gets involved for sure. As for me, I feel I would have a hard time understanding by studying the muscular structure. Something that I think would help me is to have a model set of different body parts in different poses (maybe cartoon style). A set of hands, a set of feet, and so on. However, I do struggle with body structures. The other day, I was just trying to draw a girl lying down with her arms up and glasses crooked, and I couldn't figure out just how to slant her shoulders. In between the neck and the arms looked like a flat surface, and I knew that wouldn't be right.

It is really sad to think just how many people are into that crap. I am so sick of seeing this bondage and peril drawings. DeviantArt, although is a great site, introduced me to a lot of sick fetishes I didn't even know existed. And kids use the internet for assignments. What if they see this stuff too? I don't want that. Monitoring is not taken seriously any more. On Nintendo games, anyone on the internet can have a Mii character say anything. On Yoshi's Wooly World, a kid I was playing with talked to one of the Mii characters, and he said, "Fuck off."

Pen tool and layer thumbnail:
Not a problem. I just wanted to know. Thanks.

Yes, Anime Studio has changed a lot. They changed their name to Moho the same time I was looking them up in the past. I'm not sure what I think of the new dark interface though. I do like the newer look, but working with Affinity, I do have a hard time seeing on my cheap tablet monitor.
DraconianRain Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had cs5 and I liked it but I am still to this day unsure if it was ever a legit version. Despite registering it with the website when I logged back in on my account later last year I noticed adobe got rid of all their old software registration info. A LOT of people were pissed. I wasn't so much because I found out the hardway that I'm not a huge fan of vectors with Illustrator. I just had always wished it was more simple. Also yeah that's so true. Way less tedious in Designer and yeah. I did have a coupon for Designer but by the time I got paid I missed out on the deal. Doesn't matter though because the full price is reasonable. Just would have been nice to get it cheap.

It's hard to explain. It's in Affinity photo and photoshop. It's what makes photoshop's soft paint brush soft. In some programs they name it differently. It's not quite opacity control but it is. It's one of those literal term settings. It controls the paint flow of the brush and I have a personal preference for it to be pressure sensitive.

I don't like it when people make artists out to be perverted deviants. I agree with you. There's a time, place and purpose and some people can either be weird or immature about it. I do think though, that as an artist it helps to go one step further and look at medical journals about the muscular and bone structure underneath to understand the reason why the body moves and shapes the way it does to draw best. I used to be into and good at hyper realism or photorealism painting or whatever the hell it's called these days. But I found out the hard way that I wasn't learning, only copying. It wasn't until I looked deeper and did studies from those sites that I got to a comfortable drawing style and skill level.

Yes and no. DA group admins still need to follow all DA rules. At least two of the ones I was helping out (made it to second in command on one) have been lenient with underage nudes and I disagree. I also reported a lot of things and now I'm tired of it. I ended up like co-admin with about 6 groups over the years and I always dropout for the same reason. Either it dies or for the sake of popularity or not giving a crap, creepy porn becomes 80% of the group and I do not like it. Honestly I can't keep reporting or viewing that stuff. Plus I'm just too busy for the well managed groups I've been a part of. Nothing against the good ones, I just don't have the time.

That's a good point. The moho forum can be pretty intense. I've only ever been a viewer. The only reason I signe up and registered was to access the spoiler posts lol.

Pen Tool- Hmm apparently so. When you download the trial you are able to test both debut and Pro, you just choose with each time you load the program instead of making two downloads. I was focused on Pro since that was what I wanted to upgrade to. Sorry I didn't notice. Here's the full comparison list.…

Change Layer Size- Ohhhhh sorry for misunderstanding. That might bother you. There's no thumbnail only icons because there's an enormous amount of types of layers and groups. I haven't seen or found any form of layer thumbnailing. You need to name every layer and group appropriately. There's vector, raster, reference, switch layer, frame by frame, particle, bone, note, audio, patch, text and image sequence and the ability to import 3D. I think in version 8 the old one I had was the same way and did not have layer thumbs. It's just that it gets so quickly overloaded in the layers panel, especially with complicated bones that usually collapse those various layers as you animate that it's not really something you notice since a lot more of the focus is determining the vector from the raster and using bones or translation. You can isolate your focus on layers in the timeline by colour coding them though and making one or more layers visible at a time as you keyframe. Instead of thumbs they have a layer picker/selector tool. So instead of navigating through that large abundance of layers and groups and hierarchies you simply click the shape you need to edit and you are then on that layer. It's a real time saver and far less confusing in the end. The other thing to is that unlike illustrator where you can bring shapes forward, one layer works like a raster in that it's a single drawing and usually auto merges so you need to use separate layers within groups or masking. I personally prefer it this way. I used to get very confused by objects in Illustrator.

^^ Glad I could help out in somewhat. I am surprised at how much it's changed over the years yet still the same in a lot of ways. Also awesome ^^ will do!
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